Advanced Lighting Timer


Sell sophisticated lighting automation to your clients.

Save time and money with this new driver! 

  • Lots of new functions for sophisticated lighting automation
  • More powerful and flexible than the Security Light driver 
  • Easier than ever to install with EASY CONFIG
  • New name, same low price

The new Advanced Lighting Timer driver from Domosapiens enables you to easily and fully manage automation contacts such as motion sensors and door contacts with associated timing and activation of one or more lights and lighting scenes.   There is no longer a need to define multiple and inter-related timers and do elaborate programming for such sensors.   All contact types are supported, including security system zones, and any type of light can be activated, including Advanced Lighting Scenes.

The driver Function starts (an event is triggered) when a contact is activated or a controlled light is turned on, and ends (an event is triggered) when the timer delay expires or optionally when the contact is deactivated.  The timer is automatically extended while the controlling contact remains active.

Here a few examples of what this driver can do:

  • A motion sensor activates a light, but only at night for example, or at specific times. The user may prevent the light from turning off at the end of the specified delay by increasing or decreasing its intensity while it is on.
  • A closet light turns on when the door is opened and turns off when the door is closed or at the end of the specified delay, if the door is left open.
  • Different Advanced Lighting Scenes may be activated at different times of day by a given motion sensor or door contact or even a Control4 keypad button.
  • A motion sensor-controlled light may be prevented from turning off if the user remains still while watching television. Similarly, the light may be prevented from turning on if the user moves while watching television or a projector in a darkened room. Turning the television or projector off restores normal motion sensor/light operation.
  • Different behaviours may be selected if a designated security system is armed or not.
  • A motion sensor-controlled light may be prevented from turning on if another light is on in the same room.
  • A light may be turned on manually by the user and automatically turn off after the specified delay.

And many, many more…

While the driver replaces legacy sensor drivers, these may still be connected in parallel to give visual feedback of contact sensor state in Navigators.

On the more technical side, here are some of the many enhancements in V2:

  • Now 15 input contact bindings, also available via programming
  • Function duration may be different for each input contact
  • Ability to add up to 5 Advanced Lighting Scenes to each time/level element, as well as an optional duration override
  • New ‘End Function’ property
  • New ‘Input Contact Interaction’ property
  • New property ‘When Lights Turned On Manually’
  • New ‘Disabling Lights and TVs’ property as well as Disabling Contact
  • New properties to specify a security system and a second set of Light On specifications when the system is armed
  • New keypad bindings to allow triggering/controlling/disabling the Function from a keypad button (with LED feedback)
  • EASY CONFIG with several pre-configured situations
  • New Simulation Report to validate Light On Levels, including Advanced Lighting Scenes
  • Ability to test Function as of a specific time